||SBF2021  COVID-19 Policy||

We’re doing our best to provide as much safety to everyone involved, that’s why the number of participants will be limited and we will comply with all COVID-19 measures required by Bulgarian government. From 4 August 2021, all travelers to Bulgaria, regardless of their nationality and point of departure are required to present COVID-19 tests or vaccination certificates. For everybody’s safety we plan to keep the same requirements to all participants and staff regardless of their nationality or location.
The regulations might change any time, which may affect safety requirements of the event.

SBF2021 – COVID-19 POLICY is in compliance with all anti-covid measures required by the Bulgarian government.
If the government requirements change, SBF2021 organizers will update the COVID-19 Policy and notify all registrants via email as soon as possible.
|| COVID-19 tests and vaccines ||
1. Every participant must present one of the following documents:
– a vaccination certificate for a completed vaccination course against COVID-19. The vaccination certificate is considered valid 14 days after receiving the final dose. The document should include full name of the vaccinated person as per the identification document, date of birth, dates the vaccine doses were administered, vaccine name and batch number, name of the producer, details of the vaccine certificate issuing authority and country;
– a document showing a positive test result (PCR or antigen test) for people who recovered from Covid-19 in the period between 15 and 180 days before the event;
– a negative result from a PCR test performed within 72 hours of their arrival at the event;
– a negative antigen test performed within 48 hours of their arrival at the event;
All certificates and documents should be issued by a laboratory, written in English or Bulgarian and bear the name of the participant.
2. It is mandatory to wear a mask in all in all closed public spaces, but you are allowed to dance without a mask, if you prefer.
3. The number of participants will be limited according to current regulations (50% of the capacity of the venues).
– small groups during classes
– spacious venues for parties
4. The SBF2021 organizers will make sure that all staff members (organizers, teachers, band, visitors, volunteers, bartenders at the parties, technicians etc.) will comply with our Policy and will present the required documentation.
5. Festival passes or party entrances won’t be available on the spot if the visitor doesn’t provide one of the documents listed above.
6. We believe that the majority of lindy hoppers are up to date and conscious about the risk for their own and other people’s health. That’s why, during the festival, we strongly recommend avoiding close contact with people outside of the event who are not tested.
7. If a participant gets infected right before the event and they have a positive PCR or antigen test result, they cannot attend the festival and we will reimburse the price of their pass according to our refund policy – we will refund 85% and for the remaining 15% we will provide a voucher.
Important! The SBF2021 organizers will take all possible measures to create as safe as possible the environment of the event, but do not take responsibility if someone gets infected during the festival.