||SBF2022  COVID-19 Policy||

The emergency epidemic situation, which was introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic in Bulgaria in 2020, ended on April 1 2022.

The regulations might change any time, which may affect safety requirements of the event.

SBF2022 – COVID-19 POLICY is in compliance with all anti-covid measures required by the Bulgarian government.
If the government requirements change, SBF2022 organizers will update the COVID-19 Policy and notify all registrants via email as soon as possible.
Current information can be found here https://reopen.europa.eu/en/map/BGR/7012

We believe that the majority of participants are up to date and conscious about the risk for their own and other people’s health. That’s why, during the festival, we strongly recommend avoiding close contact with people outside of the event who are not tested.
If a participant gets infected right before the event and they have a positive PCR or antigen test result, they cannot attend the festival and we will reimburse the price of their pass according to our refund policy – the registrant will be reimbursed with the total amount after deducting the necessary bank fees.

Important! The SBF2022 organizers do not take responsibility if someone gets infected during the festival.