||#SBF2021  17-19 SEPTEMBER||

Hello, Blues world!

We are excited to announce Sofia Blues Festival 2021 

We are Lindy Hop Bulgaria Team – a bunch of dancers, teachers, organizers and enthusiasts, also known as the Crazy Bulgarians, because of our spirit, dedication and passion about what we do. 

Having the experience of organizing ten big international events behind us (Sofia Swing Dance Festival*, Balkan LindyHop Championships), we have always had a dream ahead – a Blues Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria ❤

Falling in love with Blues was quick, deep and captivating and we very much want to have our own festival – one, that we will be excited to attend. 

It is now time to make this dream come true, together with the most inspiring crew of artists and teachers and the guidance of our friends. Our hearts are wide open and we are all willing to spread the knowledge and get in touch with the roots of this amazing culture created by African Americans.

Our team spent many days working hard to be informed, prepared and conscious about the decisions we are making. We understand the worldwide situation and we monitor local dynamics closely.

As organizers, we always put in a lot of effort taking care of all our guests, dancers, teachers, musicians, volunteers and staff. 

We’re doing our best to provide as much safety to everyone involved, that’s why the number of participants will be limited and we will comply with all anti-covid measures required by the Bulgarian government and even more. From 1st of May 2021 all travelers coming to Bulgaria, regardless of their nationality and point of departure are required to present COVID-19 tests or vaccination certificates**. Considering everybody’s safety our plan is to keep the same requirements for all participants and staff regardless of their nationality or location.

The regulations might change any time, which may affect safety requirements of the event.***

We believe that the majority of blues dancers are up to date and conscious about the risk of their own and other people’s health. That’s why during the festival, we strongly recommend avoiding close contact with people outside of the event.

We understand that the situation might change. In case we have to cancel the event, or a participant is not able to travel due to government restrictions, we will offer all participants a refund or pass transfer according to our refund policy part of TERMS & CONDITIONS.

We’ll do our best to provide as much safety and peace of mind to everyone involved. Last but not least, we’ll make sure that you will be reminded of the spontaneous thrill and joy of dancing to live music. Because following all the rules doesn’t mean you can’t improvise. George Gershwin said it best – “Life is a lot like jazz… it’s best when you improvise.”


* SSDF 2021 Together Again took place on July 1-4. Covid-19 tests and/or vaccination certificates were provided by all participants.
** Participants from abroad can find useful information about travel restrictions and possibilities here: https://reopen.europa.eu/en
*** More information regarding our COVID-19 policy and safety requirements is posted here.


Adamo & Vicci