We are Lindy Hop Bulgaria Team – a bunch of dancers, teachers, organizers and enthusiasts, also known as the Crazy Bulgarians, because of our spirit, dedication and passion about what we do.
Having the experience of organizing more than ten big international events behind us (Sofia Swing Dance Festival, Balkan Lindy Hop Championships), we have always had a dream ahead – a Blues Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria!
Falling in love with Blues was quick, deep and captivating and we very much want to have our own festival – one, that we will be excited to attend. ❤
Last year this dream came true, together with the most inspiring crew of artists and teachers and the guidance of our friends. Our hearts are wide open and we are all willing to spread the knowledge and get in touch with the roots of this amazing culture created by African Americans.

Lindy Hop Bulgaria is a Swing Dance School founded in 2009. Since then the organization has been dedicated to develop the swing culture among the newly born Bulgarian scene. For the past nine years the cohesive and devoted team has managed to create a vast community by organizing various events related to swing dancing: weekly parties, training dance camps, stage performances, and numerous workshops with international instructors and participants.

Organizing Team

Yavor Kunchev

Sonia Kutishcheva

Damyan Naydenov

Andrey Dushkov

Georgi Evgeniev

Mira Valcheva

Nevena Topalova